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ITE&C Dept. announces Statewide Datathon to Create a Telugu Large Language Model

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The ITE&C Department of the Government of Telangana is excited to announce a groundbreaking datathon aimed at creating a Telugu Large Language Model (LLM) that preserves the rich cultural history of the Telugu-speaking people. This innovative event is a joint collaboration between ITE&C department and Swecha, which is conducted across all engineering colleges in Telangana. Emerging Technologies Wig will facilitate the vent and Telangana Academy of Skill and Knowledge (TASK) will be the outreach partner for this activity. IIITH will be the research partner, while Ozonetel, DigiQuanta and TechVedika are industry partners. This event will be a precursor to the Global AI Summit to be held in Hyderabad in September.

The datathon represents a significant step towards collecting and digitizing a diverse range of Telugu linguistic and cultural resources. Participants will gather data from various oral sources, including folk tales, songs, local histories, and traditional knowledge about food and cuisine. By engaging with these rich oral traditions, the datathon will play a crucial role in preserving and promoting the Telugu language and its cultural heritage.

Why This Datathon is Important:

  • Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Telugu, one of the classical languages of India, boasts a vibrant cultural history. The datathon aims to collect, preserve, and digitize invaluable oral traditions that are at risk of being lost.
  • Creation of a Telugu LLM: The data collected will be instrumental in developing a comprehensive Telugu Language Model, enhancing the language’s representation in digital platforms and AI technologies.
  • Community Engagement: The datathon will foster a sense of pride and participation among students and citizens, encouraging them to actively contribute to the preservation of their cultural identity.
  • Academic and Technological Advancement: Engineering students across Telangana will gain hands-on experience in data collection, processing, and the application of AI technologies, enhancing their skills and employability.

Event Details:

  • Participants: Undergraduate students from all colleges across Telangana.
  • Data Collection Focus: Oral sources including folk tales, songs, local histories, food, and cuisine.
  • Outcome: Creation of a comprehensive Telugu Language Model, contributing to the preservation and digitalization of Telugu cultural heritage.

Swecha, a prominent organization dedicated to promoting free software and digital freedom, is the driving force behind this initiative. With its expertise and commitment to open-source technology, Swecha will provide the necessary technical support and guidance to ensure the success of the datathon.