e-Governance | Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department, Government of Telangana, India
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KCR Photo
Sri K Chandrashekar Rao
Hon'ble Chief Minister
KTR Photo
Sri K T Rama Rao
Hon'ble Minister for IT, Industries, MA & UD



IT Facilitates The Life Of Every Citizen
Information Technology opens up tremendous opportunities to provide basic government services to a much broader segment of the population at the optimal quality, time, place and cost.The Government of Telangana is determined to leverage its strength in IT to provide anytime, anywhere citizens services.

    1. Meeseva Portal
    2. Citizen Service with a Difference e-Seva
    3. Telangana State Portal
    4. TS Online
    5. E-Procurement
    6. CFST- Transport Department Services
    7. TSSWAN- TS State Wide Area Network
    8. TS State Wide Video Conference
    9. SoFTNET
    10. e-Return – VAT eReturn
    11. CDSC – Online issue of statutory Forms of CT (Commercial Taxes) Department
    12. MGNREGS – Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
    13. e-Suvidha – Complete Application for Municipalities
    14. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in e-Governance Projects


     Mee Seva

    ESD currently provides for delivery of 550+ services of 40+ departments to 35+ Mn population through multiple channels. These channels include:

    1. MeeSeva centres: 4500+ Kiosks spread across Telangana State
    2. MeeSeva portal: A web portal for availing citizen services
    3. Mobile App: Expected to be launched in August 2017

    As part of service delivery, ESD captures multiple aspects of citizens’ transactions such as transaction amounts, location/channel of transaction initiation, time-stamps pertaining to multiple stages of application processing, etc and also the service completion times from the department. However the existing system does not allow quick and intuitive analysis of the performance of the Franchisees as well as by the departments each time requiring queries to be written and separate reports in tabular form.

    ESD has developed an interactive dashboard called, “Interactive MeeSeva Dashboard” also referred as “MeeSeva Dashboard” is a powerful tool to drive actions towards achieving several aspects of improved service delivery.

    These include:

    1. Near real-time Monitoring the SLAs for efficient delivery of services to citizens
    2. Near real time monitoring of the service delivery by the Franchisees
    3. Near real time monitoring of performance Districts wise/department wise/service wise etc

    Interactive MeeSeva Dashboard provides real-time statistics and analysis of citizen transactions undertaken through MeeSeva channels and provide insights to drive targeted actions to address the issues pertaining to delivery of services at any point in time. MeeSeva Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the performance of ESD setup through carefully chosen metrics. It allows comparison of current status with performance in previous time periods and help identify the root causes of sub-par performance. The accurate identification of root causes along with continuous monitoring from senior ITE&C officials drive the actions by departments and officials to resolve the issues in time bound manner.

    2. Functional solution implemented

    The project was conceptualized to translate the focus on improving the service delivery into action. MeeSeva Dashboard relies on following approach to empower ESD and GoT departments to ensure quality of services delivered to citizens meet the standards outlined in the Government charter.

    • Transaction information which includes details about the transaction such as where and when the transaction has been carried out, which department is the transaction part of, what are the charges being collected for the transactions, details about the center where the transaction has been done along with the operator who has carried out the transaction.
    • SLA details about each of the transaction which includes the number of transaction that have breached SLA, officer/service/department with highest number of breaches in the past one week/month/quarter.
    • Growth analysis using which officials can understand the trends of transaction under each service, trends in the same department across the districts, trends in the same district across the departments which helps in identifying the best practices that are being followed and can be replicated in the corresponding counterparts.
    • MeeSeva Dashboard provides a holistic view of the above-mentioned analysis and provides key metrics which can be used to perform a combination of two or more analysis using multiple decision points, applications.

    3. Pre-deployment scenario with the post-deployment benefits

    Prior to the deployment of the MeeSeva Dashboard, ESD use to obtain the information on service/department/district wise statistics of transaction count and SLA status from individual portals of various platforms that ESD manages i.e. MeeSeva service and ESeva services. The process of obtaining the data and analyzing same to bring out insights involved repeated efforts of ESD staff every time data is required to be analyzed. The limited automation made multiple analysis a time-consuming exercise. The time aspect resulted in delayed actions by ESD and departments which impacted the overall service delivery.

    Since the deployment of the MeeSeva Dashboard, the time required to know the current status of the transactions and performance of the departments has reduced significantly and is on a near real time basis. ESD has now gained a near real-time view of the performance of entire ESD setup which has been quantified using metrics. These metrics help ESD quickly identify the issues with services/departments/MeeSeva centres and drive actions to concerned authorities. The SLA adherence has been the biggest beneficiary of the MeeSeva Dashboard implementation which has led to a significant improvement in the quality of delivery of citizen services.

    4. Quantitative impact of the initiative

    ESD has been able to plug the gaps that were emerging in the monitoring and governance framework through the implementation of the MeeSeva Dashboard. The MeeSeva Dashboard has resulted in improvement in following aspects of service delivery:

    • Adherence to service-specific SLAs by participating departments has enhanced.
    • ESD has been able to better monitor the performance of MeeSeva centres, identify the issues using key metrics and quickly formulate the corrective actions required.
    • Issues prevailing at department levels have been identified using the insights emerging from the MeeSeva Dashboard. ESD has been able to drive actions through departments to achieve permanent solutions that were hampering service delivery.

    The access to MeeSeva Dashboard has been shared with government departments whose services are provided through MeeSeva. This will assist them in easily monitoring the performance of key officials who are responsible for the delivery of citizen services.

    District managers of ESD are also provided with access to MeeSeva Dashboard for them to have real-time access to the performance of the MeeSeva centres.

    5. Awards

    Telangana gets CSI Nihilent e-Governance Award of Excellence 2016

    Mr. GT Venkateshwar Rao, Commissioner, ESD, received the CSI Nihilent e-Governance Award of Excellence 2016 for the state of Telangana at Coimbatore on 24 January 2017.

    Telangana gets CSI Nihilent e-Governance Award of Excellence 2016

    KM-ATOM File Management System

    The revolution of KM-ATOM is fast spreading in all the departments and district collectorates of the state showing the way for others too. The use of KM-ATOM has helped in reducing red-tapism and helped officials to do their job more effectively. It also provides powerful MIS for improving accountability in office environment.