Photonics Valley Corporation | Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department, Government of Telangana, India
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KCR Photo
Sri K Chandrashekar Rao
Hon'ble Chief Minister
KTR Photo
Sri K T Rama Rao
Hon'ble Minister for IT, Industries, MA & UD

Photonics Valley Corporation

Photonics Valley Corporation

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Photonics Valley Corporation is a Company registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 and operates out of Hyderabad, India. It’s owned by Government of Telangana.

Government of Telangana has initiated a project to promote the technology of Photonics. Photonics is believed to be the paradigm expected to provide an alternative computing discourse. The existing chip technology is on the verge of transformation. Government of Telangana intends to lead the next spurt of technological transformation through Photonics.

The project aims at facilitating a comprehensive ecosystem to nurture manufacturing, supply chain and research institutes related to Photonics technology. The ecosystem is expected to provide huge employment, capital formation and hectic industrial activity. Such an effort is bound to have socio and economic ramifications for the entire region.

In detail the ecosystem is expected to boost the electronics and semi conductor manufacturing activity. The supply chain industries from all over the world are expected to have their footprints in the ecosystem. The ecosystem is going to rally around a Photonics Fab/s. Government of India has been requested to allocate a Fab with all the promotional packages. All the existing promotional schemes such as EMC, ITIR and M-SIPS are going to be availed.

The important stakeholders of the ecosystem could be:

  1. Technology partners: The leading technology innovating companies are expected to participate. Their presence in the ecosystem would boost the research and manufacturing activity. The local talent is going to be roped in. It is expected that the local educational institutions will get benefited with the percolation of state of art technologies. Employment opportunities are going to be created. Government of India schemes such as ESDM are going to help in imparting new skills and knowledge to make the local talent employable. Apart from employment, the local talent gets an opportunity to get exposed to the latest happenings in the technology. Lot of activity is going to be rally around the happening technologies.
  1. Manufacturing partners: Huge numbers of industries are expected to establish their manufacturing centres in the ecosystem. The technologies which are going to be nurtured in the ecosystem get manifested in manufacturing activity. Lot of supply chain industries are expected to participate in the manufacturing activity. Manufacturing activity creates lot of jobs, both skilled and unskilled. Huge capital formation is going to be resulted, thus boosting the GDP.
  1. Research institutes: Lot of research activity is expected in the ecosystem. The premier institutes like IIT, Hyderabad, IIIT and NIT, Warangal are expected participate in the research activity. Such as activity generates huge intellectual activity. Other institutes are expected to rally around such research activity.

The ecosystem aims at providing an alternative computing paradigm. If the goals are achieved, the entire global community will rally around the ecosystem as the technology is expected to be a game changer. The entire hardware and software industries will be transformed. It will enable the entire globe to reach out to the ecosystem.