TS to have law on cybercrime | Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department, Government of Telangana, India
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KCR Photo
Sri K Chandrashekar Rao
Hon'ble Chief Minister
KTR Photo
Sri K T Rama Rao
Hon'ble Minister for IT, Industries, MA & UD
TS to have law on cybercrime
Telangana, known for its pioneering initiatives, is now heading towards becoming the first State in the country to have its own legislation on cybercrime. The draft legislation is being prepared with the help of Nalsar, Hyderabad-based premier law institute, IT and Industries Minister KT Rama Rao said on Thursday.

Minister Sri KTR formally inaugurated Ivanti, a Cybersecurity company in Hyderabad

“Telangana will be the first State to draft its own legislation on cybercrime. Once we start with the legislation, understand how to enforce it and how to prevent cybercrimes from happening, I think we will again become a pioneer in the entire country,” he said, adding: “The IT Standing Committee of Parliamentarians that visited Hyderabad told us that there is no national cybercrime legislation or policy. So, Telangana’s policy will become the guiding light for the rest of the country.”

inister Sri KTR formally inaugurated Ivanti, a Cybersecurity company in Hyderabad

Speaking at the launch of the Hyderabad operations of Ivanti, a cybersecurity solutions company, he said: “Crime is not so much about a few thugs on the street anymore. Crime is also changing its form. Cybercrime is becoming more and more dangerous and more prevalent.” Stating that people are now living in an interesting world of the Internet of Things, where each device by itself can start talking to others without any human intervention, he said: “I think we are headed in that direction. It is both exciting and scary as well.”

“When Covid hit us initially, none of us were sure how to handle it. Many organisations started encouraging work from home once the broadband networks seemed reliable. However, security becomes a huge challenge for enterprises, government and institutions,” he said.

“As politicians, our phones are constantly looked into I am sure. There are people of different hues and shades cutting across political spectrum who want to know exactly what my strategies are in winning elections. So, we are constantly paranoid, worried, and looking over the shoulders to what is happening, who is doing what in our phones. Since you said you are protecting 200 million devices, I have two devices and hope you can make them secure as well and hackproof,” he quipped.

Stating that Telangana came up with a cybersecurity policy in 2016, he said: “When we came out it with a policy, it was on how to create an ecosystem that will create more entrepreneurs, create cyber warriors which will ensure our devices, our enterprises, our knowledge, our IP are kept safe. We never thought we would actually run into a situation where we will be caught in a pandemic and everything would go virtual,” Rama Rao said.

“The top five most valuable technology companies without any exception have made Hyderabad their second largest base outside of their headquarters. Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Micron, Uber, Salesforce, Novartis.. the list goes on. Several marquee names have made Hyderabad their home for research and development,” he said adding that city ceased to be a mere back-office location.

Company plans
Ivanti announced its plans to grow its workforce in India to 2,000 in two years. Rama Rao asked the firm to take steps to ensure that at least 1,000 of them are based in Hyderabad only. This time around last year, the company had less than 100 employees in India and has acquired four companies

“By integrating all the newly acquired companies’ employees, we are creating One Ivanti identity. All employees are collaborating to create a cohesive work environment,” said Nayaki Nayyar, Ivanti Service Management Solutions Group President and Chief Product Officer, in a statement.

Source: Telangana Today