Digital map of Telangana

Artificial Intelligence

To establish Telangana as a global hub for Artificial Intelligence and foster social innovation.

AI is impacting the way we work, the way we interact with the world and the way we live our lives.

By leveraging the abundance of data and the ever-increasing computing power, AI is impacting the way we work, the way we interact with the world and the way we live our lives. The AI revolution is already upon us. No business can stay untouched. It is expected to transform the global economy and early adopters will have first-mover advantage.

The global leadership is starting to make efforts to reap the socioeconomic benefits of AI. The emerging technologies are being leveraged for social good. Artificially intelligent computer systems are going to guide all major policy decisions regarding management of our economy, food production, security, healthcare, and other areas. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to disrupt the way we solve socio-economic challenges, and open new channels of innovation.

This transformative power of AI is beginning to be a reality. The Hon’ble Prime Minister had mentioned that technology is evolving at such a fast pace that very soon artificial intelligence will dominate our way of life. India offers the best possible test bed and a plethora of use cases for building AI solutions fulfilling the inclusive AI criteria.

Government of Telangana has co-designed the AI framework document with the help of pioneers of industry, academia, start-ups, and policy advisors to provide a conducive environment – supporting the ideation, development, and responsible deployment of Artificial Intelligence for social impact.

The Vision

With the advent of the new decade, the Government of Telangana officially declared 2020 as the Year of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Telangana aims to accelerate the development of the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem in the State and targets to bring Hyderabad amongst the top 25 AI innovation hubs in the world in the next decade. The focus sectors include Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Law Enforcement and Mobility.

The Framework

  • Datasets and Data Exchange Platform: Providing High Quality, Machine Readable Data through Seamless Data Sharing Platform for Better Data Infrastructure and AI implementations.
  • Talent and Education: Preparing AI talent pool by skilling the resources through certificate, graduate and under-graduate courses at premier education institutes.
  • Promoting Research and Innovation: Enabling AI Research and Innovation by supporting AI startups/companies in Government AI implementations.
  • High Performance Computing Labs: Providing high-performance computing on an Operating Expenditure model to help build the AI ecosystem.
  • Governance, Ethics and Privacy: Responsible & non-discriminatory development of AI solutions to ensure social security of citizens, standards and regulations.
  • Enabling AI Adoption and Community Collaboration: Intensive community collaboration for bringing Artificial Intelligence technology and use cases to the masses.


  • Telangana AI Mission (T-AIM) was the logical next step after launching the State’s AI policy framework. The centre houses a dedicated team of experts to turn our vision into reality. It is a new AI-specific organization established in partnership with NASSCOM, driving execution of each of the six pillars of Telangana’s AI Framework.
  • Applied AI Research Centre: A global applied AI research centre was launched with a focus on healthcare and mobility domains. Intel, IIITH and PHFI are the other co-founding partners.
  • Centre for Responsible Deployment of Emerging Technologies (CRDET) is a virtual multidisciplinary centre established in collaboration with Centre for Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR), India, World Economic Forum. The initial focus is on agriculture and law enforcement.