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  • Agricultural Data Management Frameworkd (ADMF) 2023
    To ensure that agricultural data is managed efficiently for the advancement of the agriculture sector, always protecting the rights of individuals.
  • SpaceTech Framework April 2022
    Telangana recognizes the potential of space technology and its applications for the socio-economic development of the state and the nation. Establish Telangana as a globally recognized one-stop destination in Space Technology.
  • Telangana’s AI Framework
    Telangana envisions to establish the State as a global hub for Artificial Intelligence and foster social innovation.
  • Open Data Policy 2016
    The Telangana State Open Data Policy 2016 lays out the broad framework for proactive data sharing while addressing all security and privacy concerns.
  • Data Analytics Policy 2016
    Building on its position as a front-runner in adopting emerging technologies, Telangana strives to create a data-centric ecosystem which will attract businesses, strengthen smart governance initiatives, encourage data-driven decision-making, and nurture requisite talent pool to meet the future demand.
  • Data Centres Policy 2016
    With the humongous volumes of data that our digital activities generate, the need to manage the data in a safe and risk-free environment is imperative. The effort which Government of Telangana is making is to look at data centres not as standalone pieces of digital infrastructure but as part of a value chain which includes manufacturing of servers and racks, cyber security, data analytics, and open data driven governance.
  • Cyber Security Policy 2016
    The State of Telangana is committed to creating and sustaining a safe and resilient cyberspace to promote well-being of its citizens, protection and sustainability of its infrastructure, and creation of wealth through investment and growth in this sector.
  • IoT Policy 2017
    The vision of IoT Policy 2017 is to create an atmosphere conducive for IoT specific businesses and manufacturing units to thrive in the State, and to also position Telangana as a test bed for IoT solutions.
  • e-Waste Management Policy 2017
    The vision of e-Waste Management Policy 2017 is to create an aware society which plays an active role in managing e-Waste by segregating and channelizing end-of-life products to the right avenues, to assist the highly unsafe unorganized sector transition into the organized sector through various initiatives, and to create a vibrant e-Waste refurbishing and recycling ecosystem in the State.
  • EV & ESS Policy 2020-2030
    The advent of new breakthroughs and improvements in energy storage is transforming vehicular technology and energy solutions. The vision of EV & ESS Policy 2020-2030 is to make Telangana a hub for Electric Vehicles & Energy Storage Systems.
  • Cloud Adoption Framework 2020
    Telangana is continuously encouraging and adopting the use of emerging technologies for governance. The state government understands the potential of cloud technology and is targeting to drive large scale adoption of cloud within all its departments. This policy is an endeavour in this direction.

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