Leader in Emerging Technologies

In Telangana, our vision is to be a leader in emerging technologies and to translate that vision into a reality we have taken up several initiatives in the State. The government has created a vertical for emerging technologies and the objective is two-fold, one is to develop the ecosystem required for the industry and the other is to make the government departments leverage or adopt emerging technologies.

To develop the ecosystem required for the industry:

  • The government has come up with specific policies for IoT, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and is currently working on bringing out policies for drones and blockchain
  • Blockchain District – Government of Telangana entered in to a MoU with IIIT Hyd, Tech Mahindra and CDAC to work together on protocol development, incubation, acceleration, skill development and in identifying various use cases, build Proof-Of-Concepts in few Govt. departments and other related programs to achieve the vision of making Hyderabad a blockchain hub.
  • Partnership with NITI Aayog: Telangana is the first State to sign Statement of Intent with NITI Aayog to work together in frontier technologies.
  • Focussed on building Centre of Excellences (CoEs): The CoEs provide a platform for various stakeholders including industry, government, academia, user enterprises, and innovators to collaborate and co-create solutions and products in the respective areas.
  • The CoEs are being set up in the areas of:
    •  Cyber Security – In collaboration with Data Security Council of India (DSCI), this CoE aims at accelerating Telangana’s Cyber Security momentum and positioning it as one of the leading Cyber Security hubs in India
    • Artificial Intelligence & Data Sciences – In collaboration with NASSCOM, this CoE aims at creating collective capacity and capability in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Telangana and help bring innovators, large enterprises, user enterprises, academia, and Government on a single platform.
    • eWaste – In collaboration with CMET-MeitY, GoI
  • Setting up a research park in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur. As part of which, a CoE and Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center will be set up.

Adoption of emerging technologies by the Government:

We have prepared a roadmap, identified relevant use cases, undertaken capacity building programmes and implemented certain pilots in the identified emerging technologies. Some of the projects/pilots implemented/in a pipeline:


  • Dharani – Realizing that the use of blockchain for land records would bring revolutionary changes through inbuilt transparency, traceability, and efficiency in the system, we set out to streamline the system and implementing DHARANI an integrated land record management system  to develop a modern, comprehensive, transparent and near real-time land records (in the lines of Core Banking solution) in the state with the help of innovative technological solutions such as Blockchain. DHARANI shall act as a ‘single source of truth’ which will lead us to an era of conclusive titling, which by the way shall be a first for the nation as revenue records are meant to be presumptive in India.  The project is under implementation.
  • T-Chits – to bring in trust and transparency to the subscribers and to provide regulatory oversight to the government. (https://t-chits.telangana.gov.in/)
  • Securing Certificates:  Piloted in IIIT Basar – to tackle fake certificates
  • StreeNidhi – This is a work-in-progress (WIP) project in microfinance to build credit history and to give a credit rating to the Self-Help Groups (SHGs) members, who are poor women, which would incentivize good financial behaviour and also help the women to get other financial services.

Artificial Intelligence

  • T-Aadab: A chatbot, a first of its kind in India to be integrated on any state tourism platform (https://tourism.telangana.gov.in/)
  • Natural Language Processing Project: Working with NITI Aayog to develop tools for developers to develop solution and products in vernacular languages.


  • To carry out volumetric analysis and extent of an area of mining
  • Carry out agricultural spraying

If you have an exciting technology or product in either of these emerging technologies, and you’d like to explore the possibility of working and collaborating with the government, please feel free to contact us: et-bc-itc (at) telangana.gov.in.