Telangana State Technology Services (TSTS) is the ‘Nodal Agency’ for e Governance initiatives including Hardware and Software procurement for all departments of Telangana. TSTS handles major Mission Mode Projects for the state like State Data Centre (SDC), State Wide Area Network (SWAN), Video Conferencing (VC) and Secretariat Campus Area Network (SCAN). TSTS manages the e-Procurement portal and funds, and acts as the fund manager for all IT,E&C department’s budget funds.

Major Activities

  • Procurement Services
  • AUA/ASA Services
  • Aadhaar Biometric Attendance System
  • TSU Services
  • Information & Infrastructure Projects
  • Technical Manpower Outsourcing
  • Consultancy & eGovernance Services

Major e-Governance Solutions

Dharani Portal

In co-ordination with CCLA, IGRS Department, TSTS is the nodal agency to provide complete technical support for Dharani, a Telangana government’s initiative to implement new and completely IT driven Integrated Land Records System. As on 31 March, 2022, Dharani Portal has completed about 14.62 lakhs registrations and collected an amount of Rs.2533 Cr.

AUA-ASA Project

TSTS has launched authentication services as Authentication User Agencies (AUAs) to all the Government departments by using Aadhaar from August, 2017. Type of Services being oered by TSTS:

  • Authentication Services for identifying the correct beneficiary/user.
  • KYC Services to fetch Demographic Details of Citizen .
  • AADHAAR Based Attendance System – A fool-proof Aadhaar based biometric Attendance system.

ABAS reached a new and big milestone of 10,00,000 authentications per day and the services are being used by 28 Departments of Telangana Government.

Pension Life Certificate through Selfie (PLCS) in coordination with ESD Mee Seva

PLCS is the first use case of RTDAI and has been launched in April 2019. The solution eliminates the need for pensioners to visit the authorized physical oices to submit a proof of their liveness. This application uses AI, ML, Big data and Deep learning which may be perhaps first time in Government for providing better Citizen Convenience.

SCA Project and Operations & Maintenance of Govt. Owned Meeseva Centres in Urban Areas

TSTS is designated as Service Centre Agency (SCA) to handle the operations of ESD SCA centres and Govt. Owned Meeseva centres to ensure better quality service delivery of Mee Seva services by proper management of the Franchisees. There are about 3000 Franchisees and 108 Govt Centres and 75% of Mee Seva transactions happened through TSTS Franchisees.

Friendly Electronic Services in Transport Dept (FEST)

FEST is based on RTDAI to oer Presence Less and Contact Less Services using a 3-factor authentication by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies. Citizens of Telangana can avail 17 services of Transport department through a smartphone from their home, anytime, anywhere, without visiting the Transport department, except Driving test or physical inspection of the vehicle.

Other Major Projects

  • Printing & Supply of Pattadar Passbooks to Pattadars in the State.
  • Printing & Supply of Smart Cards for Dalit Bandhu Program.
  • Printing & Supply of Smart Cards for Citizen Health Record creation in ‘2’ Pilot Districts of the State.
  • Installation of IP CCTV camera surveillance system (10,000+ nos) in all the Police Stations across the State under guidelines of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
  • Selection of Operations & Maintenance Operator for State Data Centre (SDC).
  • Identification of Consulting Agency to study & prepare DPR for establishment of Mobility Cluster in Telangana.
  • Cyber Crime Investigation Tools, Clues & Lab equipment for Hyderabad Safecity project.
  • Aadhaar based PoS Devices to Civil Supplies Dept.
  • Supply of 27,586 nos of Smart Phones to Health Medical & Family Welfare Dept.
  • Service Provider for Operations & Maintenance of existing ERP solution in GHMC.
  • Digitization of Records & DMS implementation in ISWR-I&CAD Dept.
  • Facial Recognition solution for Election for State Election Commission in coordination with ESD Mee Seva.
  • Undertaking AMC of Security Equipment, Procurement of Baggage Scanners to Hon’ble High Court of Telangana.
  • Selection of DIPP registered Startups for Design, Development, Implementation and Operations & Maintenance of Emerging Technology Based and Agriculture-Related Solutions for Agriculture Dept under NeGPA.
  • Establishment of Command Control Centre in newly formed Police Districts.
  • Acting as Consultant & Tendering Agency for Hyderabad Safe City Project.
  • Acting Technical Consultant for Karimnagar Smart City projects.
  • Providing expert & Consultancy services to T-Works for procurement various machinery/equipment.
  • Traffic Signals, ANPR Cameras & CCTV Surveillance systems for Cyberabad Police.
  • IT Hardware and Cyber Crime Investigation tools for Anti-Corruption Bureau.
  • IT Hardware & Office Automation Projects (HWP & OAP) for High Court, Universities, Commercial Tax Dept, ITE&C Dept, Surveillance for School Education Department & Establishment of Digital Class Rooms at Gurukulam Schools, Government Schools etc.

Infrastructure & Networking Projects (IIP)

  • Maintenance of State Wide Area Network (SWAN).
  • Operations & Maintenance of State Data Centre (SDC).
  • Maintenance of Secretariat Campus Area Network (SCAN).
  • Maintenance of Video Conferencing Facility at various Government Offices.