Major Objectives

Government of Telangana, ITE&C Department took up a very ambitious Digital Telangana program. The program stands on two pivots; each of them representing the supply and the demand side.

  • On the supply side, the main aim is to ensure that digital facilities become available to each and every person in the state.
  • On the demand side, the intention is to make each and every person digitally empowered, so they can make the best use of the digital facilities that are being made available right at their doorstep.

The strategies for this include: digital literacy program, under which one member of each household will be taught to become digitally literate.

PMGDISHA in Telangana

Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan Scheme is aimed at empowering citizens in rural areas by training them to operate a computer or digital access devices.

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