Logo of T-Works

T-Works is India’s largest prototyping centre with a vision to create and celebrate a culture of hobbyists, makers, and innovators in India.

An initiative of the Government of Telangana, T-Works aims to create and celebrate a culture of hobbyists, makers and innovators who explore and experiment without the fear of failure. T-Works provides services such as IP Facilitation, Product Design, Rapid Prototyping and Component Sourcing.

Solution Seeker Platform

T-Works introduced the Solution Seekers platform, an integrated programme for managing queries coming from makers, innovators, startups and businesses and assisting them with valid solutions in different capacities.

T-Works has received and resolved queries in product design & development services (PDS), component sourcing, vendor connects and mentoring.

Supporting rural innovator/artists and other organisations

T-Works has introduced multiple initiatives such as Rural Innovators Development Programme (RIDP), collaborations and partnerships platform, and solutions seekers platform to support various grassroots innovators, artists and organisations with their innovations and developments in various capacities and translate them into functional products ready for market.

  • PCB Fabrication– T-Works is working closely with a rural innovator named Raju Mupparapu, who is designing a mobile-charging solution at no cost. T-Works team designed and delivered a custom PCB required for the project. T-Works is also mentoring the rural innovator for further development in the project.
  • Mentorship by T-Works– Followed by the Minister for IT KT Rama Rao’s tweet acknowledging the high-efficiency pesticide sprayer built by Ashok Gorre, a rural innovator from Anjalipuram, Suryapet District, the T-Works team invited Ashok to the facility. T-Works has offered him the position of a Junior Fellow under the Fellowship Program 2022 and is training him in design & engineering and mentoring him for the development of innovative products.
  • Upskilling support– T-Works onboarded Rajendra Prasad, a rural innovator who developed a functional prototype of a solar electric car, as a Junior Fellow and is helping him learn industry-relevant skills required to launch his EV into the market. T-Works team is helping Rajendra Prasad to upgrade his skill set by sharing access to the right knowledge and resources.
  • Development of an automated Quilling Tool– T-Works is working closely with SIFKA (Silver Filigree of Karimnagar Association), a community of craft-workers from Karimnagar working on the art of silver filigree, an art native to Karimnagar, to make an automated quilling tool that has the potential to increase the throughput by 10 times their current rate, at a highly subsidised price.
  • Cost optimisation support– T-Works is working with Aparna Viswanatham (Library Solutions) in optimising the cost of their product and component sourcing.
  • Idea Validation and networking support– The T-Works team supported Ravikanth Rangannagari, a goldsmith who discovered a unique process critical to jewellery making. T-Works team met the innovator, invited him to the facility and assisted him in the process of idea validation.


  • ICFAI– T-Works onboarded ICFAI Business School as an academic partner to deliver a collective impact on society and students. As part of the collaboration, a group of students are currently interning to create a Go-To-Market Strategy for certain products made by T-Works.
  • Collaboration with institutes and organisations- T-Works also visited prestigious institutes to expand collaboration opportunities, including MSME, NSIC, NSTI, CITD, CCMB, LV Prasad Eye Institute, NIFT and ICRISAT.
  • Collaboration with international organisations- T-Works hosted international organisations such as JETRO, JICA and the United States Department of Defense, and explored the areas for mutual collaboration that can make a difference in society
  • Mouser Electronics- T-Works has successfully onboarded Mouser Electronics as an electronics and semiconductor components technology partner and it will provide support for the procurement of high-end prototyping equipment in the Electronics Test and Measurement fields.
  • CARE India– T-Works and CARE India have partnered to design technical interventions for the beneficiaries of CARE India. Teams from both organisations visited Bengaluru in March 2022 for a community immersion program. The aim of the immersion was to understand the problems faced by Improved Cookstove Users and design a more sustainable and efficient alternative.

Other initiatives

T-Works has launched multiple initiatives and services to reduce the barrier to prototyping. Major initiatives include:

Prototyping Services (Proto.tworks)

T-Works rapid prototyping services aim to give innovators access to precision prototyping equipment. The prototyping services aim to aid startups, makers and innovators to move from the prototype stage to the product stage faster, on-demand and at a subsidised rate. T-Works facility is equipped with 3D printers, tools and multiple FDA-approved biocompatible resins which enable it to support prototyping of medical devices, implants etc. 97 rapid prototyping orders have been received and delivered between Apr 1 2021, to May 9 2022.

T-Works Fellowship Program 2022

T-Works launched its 3rd Fellowship Program for 2022, a 12-month program for creative and passionate individuals, to join T-Works, learn and engage with stakeholders from government, corporate, educational institutions, startups, artists and makers. Fellows are categorised based on work experience, skills and capabilities. 2000 applications across skills were received, and T-Works has onboarded nine candidates across mechanical, design and electronics fields.

Launch of IP facilitation cell

To aid startups, MSMEs, entrepreneurs, makers, and rural innovators by providing easy access to IPR services at a subsidised fee, T-Works launched an IP facilitation cell. Launched as a pilot project in December 2019, the cell has facilitated 11 applications and 34 are under process.

Component Sourcing

An online platform for component sourcing that helps startups, SMEs and makers source components with ease, reducing the existing barrier in terms of cost, time and complexity.