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Systra will establish Systra Digital Centre (SDC) in Hyderabad


Systra Group announces 1000-member Advanced Centre for Digital Design and Construction Project Management at Hyderabad.

Hon’ble IT and Industries Minister of Telangana, Dr D Sridhar Babu, and Principal Secretary ITE&C, I&C Jayesh Ranjan met with Mr. Pierre Verzat, CEO of Systra Group, during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024 in Davos.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed and exchanged between the two parties symbolising Systra’s commitment to invest in the state.

The Government of Telangana (GoT) intends to make the best use of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence in the IT sector and would like these advancements to also penetrate the core sectors of engineering thereby making them more efficient.

Systra will establish Systra Digital Centre (SDC) in Hyderabad to address wider digitalization plans stated above.

The main objective of SDC is to develop digital tools for design production optimization and efficient project management services. The problem of inefficiency arising from manual management of operations can only be solved through digitalization. The Design automation will enable the industry to capture and re-use engineering knowledge and intent. Automation will not only help reduce errors and time spent on tedious, repetitive design tasks but it will also be scaled to streamline downstream development processes.

IT and Industries Minister, Dr D Sridhar Babu said, “We welcome Systra to develop the Systra Digital Centre in the state that will employ over 1000 youth over the next few years. Apart from employment, this establishment will also support the government in designing more efficient public services and engineering systems in the Government”.

Mr. Pierre Verzat, CEO of Systra Group said, “Telangana is one of the best destinations for tech talent across the world. We are happy to be developing this advanced engineering centre in Hyderabad.”