Telangana Launches IoT and e-Waste Management Policies | Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department, Government of Telangana, India
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KCR Photo
Sri K Chandrashekar Rao
Hon'ble Chief Minister
KTR Photo
Sri K T Rama Rao
Hon'ble Minister for IT, Industries, MA & UD
Telangana Launches IoT and e-Waste Management Policies
Telangana today has announced its final set of sectoral policies, which include the IoT and e-Waste Policies on occasion of the i-Telangana event at HICC.

The Policies were launched by Nivruti Rai, Country Head Intel India and VP Data Centre Group, and Honorable Minister of ITE&C, Industries & Commerce, NRI Affairs, and MA&UD Sri K. T Rama Rao in the presence of Mr Jayesh Ranjan IAS, Principal Secretary ITE&C and Industries & Commerce; Mr. Naresh Shah, President – India R&D, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; and Dr. Sanjaya Baru, Secretary General, FICCI among other dignitaries from the Government and Industry.

IoT Policy
The IoT Policy of Telangana addresses key issues faced by hardware product developers today such as lack of prototyping facilities and high lead times in importing components. The policy also speaks of the Government’s intent to develop infrastructure, promote startups, enable a skilled workforce through partnerships with renowned industry bodies, academic institutions, and leading technology firms. Through this Policy, the Government has also planned to earmark specific zones in 5 cities as testbeds for IoT solutions.

e-Waste Management Policy
The e-Waste Management Policy outlines the State’s vision to create an aware society which plays an active role in managing e-Waste and assist the highly unsafe unorganized sector transition into the organized sector. The policy lists numerous initiatives targeted at retail and bulk consumers of electronics, manufacturers, and those who are working along the recycling chain. This policy also notifies a focused incentive scheme for recyclers, dismantling units, and collection centres.

Five MoUs have also been signed on occasion of the event with various e-Waste Management and IoT firms such as Banyan Nation, Waste Ventures India, NASSCOM Foundation, Motivity Labs, and Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies.

The MoUs with NASSCOM Foundation and Waste Ventures India are broadly focused on providing support for implementation of the e-Waste Policy. The collaboration with Motivity Labs and Banyan Nation is centered around the State adopting the IoT Solutions in Waste Management, Municipal Administration, Healthcare, and Agri, developed by these firms in the form of pilots. Post successful pilots, these solutions will be considered for mass-scale deployment. Through their MoU, Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies seals their intention to set up their manufacturing plant in Hyderabad.

Honorable Minister Sri K. T Rama Rao, said, “The 9th policy is the entire gamut of policies, the IoT Policy, brings out the State’s intent to position itself as a global leader in the IoT Space by setting up a comprehensive ecosystem for IoT, and how the government intends to use these technologies through its multiple departments and agencies. The second policy that we launched today, the e-waste management policy, talks of our intent to adopt a sustainable model for development while taking revolutionary initiatives to promote the technology. With these policies, we complete our entire set, including the ICT policy framework and 10 policies aimed at different sectors and emerging technologies. The focus of the Government will now completely shift towards, operationalizing what we have promised across policies. Over the next couple of years, through these measures, our intent is to be known as the most forward looking and conducive State for technology not only in India but across the Globe.”

Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, ITE&C and I&C, said, “We have taken a rigorous approach towards drafting these policies, as with the previous policies, having received feedback in the form of inputs and constructive criticism from industry experts, research institutions and all our partners. Our immediate focus in the next 2-3 months would be to bring out detailed operational guidelines for these policies. These guidelines will outline the processes put in place to execute the initiatives and avail the financial benefits listed in the Policies, and will help us in the smooth implementation of the policies.”

Please click here to download:
IoT Policy 2017
e-Waste Management Policy 2017